Meet the Makers

shira pic artsy.jpg

shira abergel

Award winning multi-disciplinary performing artist, manifester of the wagon, & sometimes referred to as "Baba Mama," this Mama has been dreaming of birthing the wagon since 2013. Now that the baby Baba is here, Shira is excited for the world to feel all the arts & magic she has to offer. 

Suom francis

Meet our creative, multi-talented, managing director.  She's a nomadic  graphic designer, organizer, and taker carer of the nitty gritty. Urban planner, Google worker bee, healer, chef, and more, Suom moves swiftly through the plains. 


sean pic.jpg

Sean Edelson

Man of many trades, Sean likes to be referred to as the "Wagon Master," and for good reason.  Builder, Sound Engineer, & Musician, Sean works with the wagon in a multitude of ways. Thank you Sean! We love you!