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Inaugural Wagon Show "7" - 8 pm & 9 pm at PAMM
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Inaugural Wagon Show "7" - 8 pm & 9 pm at PAMM

7 is a multimedia performance by multi-disciplinary artist Shira Abergel loosely based on the Eastern European myth of Baba Yaga, and Shira’s spiritual search for family through film, theatre, and live music. 

     The tale of Baba Yaga tells the story of a young girl named Vasilisa and the witch of the East. The story begins when Vasilisa’s step-mother sends her on a quest for light in the forest where she must round up the courage to face the dreaded witch with the help of a very special doll.

     "7" emerges as a metaphor for Vasilisa’s journey and Shira’s own search for her authentic light. But don’t expect this performance to be a linear prescribed beginning, middle, end show. As a true part of Miami’s Melting Pot, this witch’s cauldron is filled with enigmatic surprises.  

     Baba Yaga’s world is made up of a mix of dichotomies from galactic to microscopic, analog and digital, mundane to ritualistic, and everything in between. The influence of the number 7 reoccurs throughout the show, spanning all stages of this polarity. 

     The audience can catch glimpses of Shakespeare’s 7 stages of man, the 7 colors in the rainbow, numerology’s 7 as the thinker and searcher of truth, the 7 of the chakra system representing the top most energetic field, Samadhi, the 7 seas, and how the bible speaks of the 7 transgressions - which are fatal to spiritual progress in our earthly journey - known as the 7 deadly sins.

     This performance engages the audience in far out inner explorations through psychedelia-inspired sets, lights, projection and music.   Think acid trip meets David Bowie on a movie date walking through a David Lynch film playing at O'Cinema on a Tuesday.  

     "7" is the wagon's kick off performance to bring the arts outside of the box and into the Magic City.  2013 Knight Arts Challenge winner "Baba Yaga Arts Wagon" is excited to get rolling with this inaugural show thanks to The John S. & James L. Knight Foundation who funded it's creation, and the community's support through a Kickstarter campaign in 2016.  

     Shira’s acting work in theater has been honored with nominations from the Carbonell Awards & one Silver Palm win. She has also worked in Dance Theatre throughout the U.S. and Mexico with artists Rosie Herrera, Natasha Tsakos, Ana Mendez & Christina Pettersson to name a few. Shira’s acting work on film has been featured at the Borscht, Miami, Sundance and SXSW film festivals. She has also written, directed, and performed her own original theatre shows with grants & commissions from Miami Light Project and The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Her newest venture is a leading role in a Project Greenlight Winning Digital Series formerly known as "#JOSH," premiering sometime next year.  Aside from her affinity for acting, Shira is a singer - songwriter who plays guitar, dulcimer, ukelele, & banjo.  You can see her play throughout the Miami Music Scene with projects "Shira Lee and the Space Cowboys" & "JuJu."  Through her original works and those of other Miami artists, her passion for theater, music, and film all call the wagon home.


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Artistic Director: Shira Abergel




Managing Director: SuOm Francis



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